Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Reflections

Do you ever get that feeling that stems from a moment or experience that you wish you could hold on to for your entire life? A clear sense of who are you are or an undeniable realization of what’s really important to you, your ultimate goals down the road? I don’t know what it was today…just a regular Sunday, but as I now attempt to get work done for school I can’t help but ponder, contemplate, meditate—whatever you want to label it as—in a stream-of-consciousness fashion, the things I’m grateful for. It's a blessing to know that you can learn how to truly appreciate something while it's still around. I’m trying to bridge the gap between reality and my theoretic idea of true happiness, especially in regards to my future. I’m wondering how close I can come. I can imagine a dozen different paths to take in my professional life as well as important relationships that I don’t want to let go of. Do I have to compromise some of the things I care about or can I have it all? This is all a search for clarity I suppose. Maybe these questions aren’t supposed to be answered in an instant, but, rather through a culmination of big events and small moments, through different people and defining experiences—the daily trappings of life. I know God knows what’s down the road and hopefully I can catch that vision. I’m just holding on for the ride.