Saturday, May 22, 2010

What I'm Listening To...

As is periodically expected, here is a playlist of my latest musical pursuits, in no particular order...or genre. Just a few tunes I'm diggin' on.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Begins.

The grass is green again, reflecting the sun's reestablished presence, ready and waiting for the inevitable constant company—wielding picnic blankets, frisbees and glasses of lemonade—to arrive. Flowers of endless shapes, colors and sizes bloom everywhere and the mountains look inviting, having freshly shaken off winter's last cold whisperings.

Finally, spring is in the air.

Along with nature's annual makeover, a peculiar change of outlook also accompanies this wonderful phenomenon. Positivity seems more accessible. New opportunities present themselves--or at least cast seemingly worn-out opportunities in a new light. A certain je ne sais quois ignites the serotonin in our brains. Romance blossoms. Barry White music is no longer scoffed at, but encouraged.

If you ask me, "spring resolutions" should replace "New Year's resolutions." As a result, the number of people able to accomplish their goals in the former would rise from roughly 11% to 63% (yes, the aforementioned statistics are made-up and arbitrary).

Something about the season also let's the "magic" of life more easily fill our minds. Warm nights looking at stars, appreciating the beauty of nature, valuing relationships and more.

I love the feeling of renewal, of a fresh outlook and the chance to re-prioritize while worrying less about the little things and feeling a little bolder in my pursuits, whatever they may be. Being able to let my hair down and be more open to whatever may come my way.

I'd ponder more on the wonders of springtime and its effects, but it's time to go lay out on the grass, sip on some lemonade and groove with Mr. White. Good luck in your revitalized endeavors.