Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sounds Like Fun.

We all have dreams, aspirations and delusions of grandeur (some, like me, more than others). As the face of journalism continues to change and online viral campaigns have swept the nation making mass coverage accessible for the everyman, I’ve become increasingly interested in entrepreneurial endeavors. Added to that, I’ve always been interested in a technology and the last two years have taught me a good amount of web design and programming.

With all that in hand, some waffling, a lifelong obsession with music and a huge amount of trial and error, this year I decided I would fulfill a goal to create my own publication: SOUND Online Magazine. Its contents are devoted to musical discovery — something, I think, that interests all of us (I closely followed the advice to create something you would want to have available yourself). Maybe the site will make money in the future or maybe it will just be a fun ride but, regardless, I’m working with a team of talented writers I’ve recruited the last few months and this magazine is one you’ll want to keep track of (if I do say so myself).

Check it out:
SOUND Online Music Magazine