Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day In the Life of a News Editor.

It's a typical Tuesday here in The Daily Universe newsroom. Here is my workspace. It's sort of like a cubicle but not quite. More like an designated open space area in the shape of a quasi-hexagon with Avatar-like lily pad light refractors hovering above me. My area has the makings of any typical place of labor — computer, telephone, newspapers, spider-embroidered hand towel, celebratory "party poppers" and a tri-fold piece of headwear with "Birfday Hat" enscribed on the side in magenta and lime green crayon. Home sweet home.

This is Parker. He's my co-editor on the campus desk. The contents of his workspace are far less arbitrary than mine, though his affinity for spotting wildlife outside the window, incredible punch-making abilities and desire to live for over a century provide more than adequate color commentary and excitement on this side of the newsroom. He — not Lassie — is man's best friend.

These are some of our reporters hard at work at the multitude of computers lining The Daily Universe newsroom walls. Even though everyone on our desk opted to study public relations in place of the ideal, utopian calling of a print journalist, we're most of the way through the forgiveness process and secretly think they're great anyway.

Here are the voyeuristic, oversized windows on the west side of the newsroom. Coincidental? I think not. Often, the appearance of deer, inclement weather or wandering students capture our attention and add that "je ne sais quois" that provides reporters with the profound sense of inspiration they need. Or maybe just satiates the innate curiosity and fly-on-the-wall nature of a journalist.

Just another day in the life of a mild-mannered news editor.

(All photos courtesy of my cell phone)

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